http://www.utvolution.com/limited-data-loss-after-server-crashOur server crash, combined with an earlier backup issue we had to revert to a version of July 2013.

Limited Data Loss After Server Crash

By N!Ce on 20-Nov-13 21:30. Comments (0)
Unfortunately, there were some issues with the server. That is why the site was down at the beginning of this week.
The server crash happened to cause some data loss, which combined with an earlier problem with the backup system forced us to use a backup that reverts the site to the state of July this year.
However, thanks to our annual summer break, there is not much info lost.

The site is fully back now, issues (hopefully) resolved and the backup system working again.


http://www.utvolution.com/date-and-price-determinedFinal Information about the upcoming UTvolution LAN / Meeting 2013.

Date and Price Determined

By N!Ce on 23-Jun-13 14:30. Comments (6)
After numerous intense discussions, negotiations and evaluations we finally got a result.
To make things short, here is the final info:
  • DATE: 6. - 8. September 2013
  • DURATION: 3 days, Fri - Sun (you can join later or leave earlier)
  • PLACE: Wuppertal, Germany (center west of the country)
  • PRICE: 15€ (per person)
Beverages will be provided. Concerning food... well there are two kitchens, we should be able to make proper use of them!

More information on how and when to officially register will follow soon.


http://www.utvolution.com/utvolution-meeting-date-and-destinationInformation about the upcoming UTvolution LAN / Meeting 2013.

UTvolution Meeting: Date and Destination

By N!Ce on 02-Jun-13 22:18. Comments (27)
For those who haven't followed our related discussions on IRC or our Twitter page I shall repeat the note: We found a destination for our first UTvolution meeting! And it's not just decent, but awesome! More information about and images of it will be presented in this article. But first the most important part:
  • DATE: September 2013 (within the first 2 weeks)
  • DURATION: 3 days, Fri - Sun (you can join later or leave earlier)
  • PLACE: Wuppertal, Germany (center west of the country)
  • ACTIVITIES: LAN gaming, BBQ, billiard and much more
The exact date and location will be announced later. For now check the details and images of the nice destination and let us know in a quick reply (below), if you consider to come (no log-in needed). This allows us to get an overview for a better planning.


http://www.utvolution.com/we-need-your-help-and-we-got-something-for-youUTvolution has a donations account now, for people who would like to support us to keep this community alive.

We Need Your Help and We Got Something for You

By N!Ce on 04-Mar-13 21:13. Comments (2)
Ever since we opened to the public there were offers to donate for UTvolution. We, however, have been postponing to take those offers, because the site was not finished and we did not want to collect donations for something incomplete. We also wanted to see how this project evolves first.
UTvolution Now that the site is completed and your help welcome, we hope there are still people willing to help keeping this place up.
We currently have yearly expenses of a bit more than 500€ to keep UTvolution running. These do not count in the sponsored servers though.
You can support us on our DONATIONS PAGE
(paypal, but you do NOT need a paypal account)

The biggest part is taken by the web server. It needs to be powerful enough to meet the requirements coming with our future plans for UTvolution. And it must at the same time ensure smooth browsing, of course.

EDIT: Donors receive a badge on this site that is shown with their posts. If you want one, mention your nick in the comment box of the donation page please.

Read inside to learn about our future concepts, what is being worked on and what is planned.


http://www.utvolution.com/the-getting-logged-out-bug-is-finally-fixedThe cause for the notorious bug that made some users getting logged out right after they had logged in, was finally spotted and fixed.

The "Getting Logged-Out Bug" is Finally Fixed!

By N!Ce on 27-Nov-12 16:00. Comments (5)
INFORMATION Those who were affected by this bug probably already know what is meant. "This" bug, was in fact three bugs with the same effect: They logged users out right after they had logged in and got directed back to the site from which they logged in.
Most important part you need to know about it though is that they are ALL fixed now.

After a while of relentless pursuing with the help of CaDiaN who had the issue, as well (until the end it never happened to myself), we finally were at the point to say: "Objective destroyed!" - bug was beaten - "Congratulations, you are the winner!"


http://www.utvolution.com/changes-concerning-our-serversSeveral changes concerning our servers. Some are discontinued, some a are new.

Changes Concerning Our Servers

By N!Ce on 17-Nov-12 20:03. Comments (1)
data center Several changes were applied to our servers list. We unfortunately lost a few, but also got some new ones. Hence we should be set for future pugs and Quick Cups that are to come soon.

The former DE and UK PUG servers are not available anymore. Thanks to bePredator and ukJaSs for sponsoring those while they were up.

Update your favourites. Here are the new IP's:

de FFA - (Password: fun , Admin: Predator)

nl PUG - (Admin: Mithrandir)
uk PUG - (Admin: Volcanic)
no PUG - (Admin: Eagle)

The servers are still being updated. All changes should be done by tomorrow (Sunday) night. The FAQ page will be updated as well.


http://www.utvolution.com/the-gallery-is-upThe UTvolution Gallery has finally opened its gates. It includes pictures of members and teams, screenshots and more.

The GALLERY is up!

By N!Ce on 13-Nov-12 21:00. Comments (1)
Some of you will remember Smoelenbook, the place to browse real life photos of UT players has been taken down long ago. Most will remember asserfors, its successor that additionally to browsing also allowed adding comments.
Latter has been down for quite some time now as well. Louvre Gallery
Hence it's time to open the gates to one of the most anticipated UTvolution features.
The UTvolution Gallery includes more than just portraits of members and teams. You can also finally share your screenshots in a convenient way.
As an additional goodie there is also a third section that allows you to browse and share your dream cars. Even more sections will be added later.
A search will be available on the gallery as well once it starts getting filled. It will allow you to find particular images quickly.
The Gallery Search will use the info you add to your uploaded pictures, hence please enter at least a Title! The more info you add the better for those who will view or search for you images.


http://www.utvolution.com/power-idm-qc-results-awards-and-linksThe first Quick Cup (Power iDM) has finished, the results are up, along with awards and related links.

Power iDM QC results, awards and links

By N!Ce on 20-Sep-12 22:58. Comments (1)
The first Quick cup on UTvolution has ended and was a success. Atmosphere was as oldskool as it can get and the schedule was more than met. In fact we finished hours earlier than expected, despite of one server causing some delay.

Congratulations to the winners:

Power iDM Quick Cup medal winners

All results, screenshots and a link to the final stream video can be viewed on the cup page. You can also add comments directly on it now.
Since the templates are done now, the pages of future cups will be updated a lot faster (mostly during the cup). That can be tested with the next Quick Cup that is already in sight and will be announced soon.


http://www.utvolution.com/quick-cup-no1-ends-the-summer-breakSummer break 2012 is ending, the first UTvolution Quick Cup is on the way. Registrations are open for one week.

Quick Cup No.1 ends the summer break

By N!Ce on 09-Sep-12 19:50. Comments (5)
Our annual summer break is coming to an end. The first players start dropping into the channel checking for pugs and most of last week's days where cloudy (well at least here).
The sun sets, Quick Cup rises
In other words: time to get back into action. This is a good timing for our first Quick Cup! We will start with Power iDM, to give everyone a chance to polish their aim and oil their movements.

Sign-ups are open since last night and the cup will commence next Saturday (15th Sept) Monday (17th Sept). Thus don't hesitate, register now! Hurry, because sign-ups are only open for one week and will definitely NOT be extended. The date for the Quick Cup final.

Check inside to learn more about Power iDM and what is coming next.


http://www.utvolution.com/we-recruited-polite-addressesSwitching URI's used for this website to user and SEO friendly addresses.

We recruited polite addresses

By N!Ce on 31-Aug-12 02:39. Comments (2)
User friendly URL If you let your eyes walk around the browser window all along until they reach the address bar you will probably recognize there is something missing.
The cryptic page address that ended with a number was replaced by a name that actually describes the current page.
Being there you will realize why these kind of URI's are also called "user friendly addresses".
Another common name would be "SEO friendly URLs". That one lets you know that Google likes them too. Either way, they are not just nifty but also handy.

Read on to find out what's so cool about them.


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