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Server updates and Tutorial mania

Wednesday • 28 December 2011 • 23:17
data centre There have been several updates made recently that are concerning and related to our servers. Some of them are preliminaries for the UTvolution OldSkool Cup.
We also added some new maps that should be to your oldskool taste, particularly the tutorial package.
Additionally to that the VOIP servers and PUG bot moved (hence the Teamspeak IP changed) and some minor improvements. We unfortunately also have a 'take down notice' to announce.---

Clickboard on PUG 2 fixed

Let's start with some good news: The clickboard (the green flags when you click in tournament mode) on PUG 2 server (DE) works now. There were some incompatibilities between UTPure7G and SmartCTF_4E that somehow didn't allow the UTPure clickboard to work within the latest SmartCTF. In fact we didn't manage to fix that issue, but simply decided to use MODOSUtils for the clickboard instead.

Tutorials and more

We uploaded a couple of new maps, most of them after applying some minor changes to improve their gameplay. Most notable are a row of new Tutorial based maps. I decided to go through the maps folder of the oldest UnrealTournament installation that is still on my HDD (created around 2000/2001) and found quite a few of those in there. I hope and am sure you will like (most of) them.
If you find any Tutorial based maps in your UT map folders that you think should be on the servers, don't hesitate to send them! CTF-Tutorial

Here is a list of all new maps:

  • CTF-NeverEndingSpam
  • CTF-Preporial-SE-

Tutorial-CE is the version for those who want to play the classic CTF-Tutorial that was used in the related ladders and cups. The only difference to the original CTF-Tutorial that came with UnrealTournament is a second respawn room per base.
Control-SE- was made because some people asked to have Control in the map list. There is a minor but signifacant difference in -SE- compared to the _LE version. To find out which one, join the server and play it!
AndACTION-SE is the classic CTF-AndACTION with fixed respawn points. This was requested sometimes earlier as well.
All new maps are available on the PUBLIC server as well as on the PUG server.

New Teamspeak IP's

There are unfortunately also bad news to announce. Our NL based servers will be taken down by the end of this year. They were both running on a dedicated server along with the VOIP servers and the PUG bot. The dedicated server was too costly and the activity was unfotunately not high enough to justify keeping it up. The PUG bot and VOIP servers already moved to another server.

The new Teamspeak IP is:
(UT-Instagib.com should normally still work too)

We might order an additional UT server later, as I would like to try my idea of a 'beginners only' server. There seemed to be some demand for this.

Redirect and map-pack

Since the ut-files.com redirect has been locked for new uploads and it is not known when that will change, I had to switch to an own solution in order to get our new maps redirected as well. The UTvolution servers use a dedicated redirect server now that should be faster and more reliable than the former solution.
I tested all maps one by one to ensure they are redirected properly. It might happen in rare cases that UT attempts to download the file from the gameserver (thus slow). If that happens simply reconnect to the server. I could not figure why this happens, it is a general issue though and not related to our servers, because it happens on other servers, too.

With the new maps there is certainly also an updated map-pack available here: UTvolution iCTF OldSkool v2.0

So far, enjoy!

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http://www.utvolution.com/server-updates-and-tutorial-maniaUpdates and changes concerning the UTvolution servers and related to those. Share this article:

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Re: Server updates & Tutorial mania
Reply #1 on : Thu December 29, 2011, 14:36:00
I added one section about the new redirect and map-pack. I had forgotten about it last night. o_O

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