http://www.utvolution.com/changes-to-utvolution-rss-feedsDetails on the major changes concerning the UTvolution RSS feeds.

IMPORTANT: Re-subscribe to RSS

Sunday • 29 April 2012 • 19:24
RSS Billboard There have been major updates to our RSS/Atom feeds. Please delete the old feeds and re-subscribe using the new addresses:

UTvolution Blog: http://rss.utvolution.com

OldSkool Cup: http://rss.utvolution.com/osc5v5ictf

You can also simply click on the RSS icons on the left side of each page.
Besides the numerous changes, the new URL's are also helpful to be easily remembered and to find particular cup feeds. The cup feed naming convention is already known from cup URL's.
Read on to learn more about the changes and updates.---

Powered by Atom

Valid Atom 1.0 We updated the feeds from RSS 2.0 to Atom 1.0, a successor that offers a lot of improvements and additional possibilities.
The feeds are certainly well formed and validate on W3C Feed Validation Service as well as on feedvalidator.org, hence should work with any well coded feed reader.

We got rid of FeedBurner

Google's FeedBurner might be a great tool for generic blog sites, for bigger sites with ambitions far beyond simply deploying articles, however, it has proven not to be the perfect choice (at least not for us).
Luckily I am able to generate my own feed stats (it is sometimes not all that bad to be a geek).

And a lot more

Some neat logos that, clicking on them, lead you directly to the main blog or cup page (depending on feed), some handy links and more. Just have a look and find out by yourself!

Thanks and enjoy!

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http://www.utvolution.com/changes-to-utvolution-rss-feedsDetails on the major changes concerning the UTvolution RSS feeds. Share this article:

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Typo in email
Reply #1 on : Sun April 29, 2012, 20:10:38
For those who received the email. There is a typo in the first address. It certainly should be:


As above in this article. Sorry for inconvenience.
Last Edit: June 29, 2012, 20:25:43 by N!Ce  

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