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The concept of UTvolution competitions

Monday • 28 May 2012 • 13:53
UTvolution Competition Following the UTvolution 5on5 iCTF OldSkool Cup there have been quite a few discussions about timing, duration and layout of it.
Those disclosed some misconceptions in the community concerning the concept of the competitions on UTvolution.

To clarify them this article will answer the open questions concerning the future of cups and leagues on UTvolution and give an insight into them.---


The main concept of UTvolution competitions will be part of the whole UTvolution idea that is explained in the welcome article as well as on the about page.
In one sentence: They will provide a chance to follow your hobby (UT) whenever you feel like and have time to, rather than forcing you into a static schedule.

There will be 3 types of competitions on UTvolution, cups, leagues and FastComps. The first two will run simultaneously on a long term, while FastComps will take place arbitrary and occasionally.


There are 3 different cup types on the draft:

- OldSkool Cups: Are only open to oldskool teams and will enforce oldskool play style and oldskool maps (majoritarian). Any player can participate by joining an oldskool team.
- Public Cups: Will be open to any team. More non-oldskool maps are likely to be used in this cup. However, the play style will follow the UTvolution guide lines on here as well.
- Nations Cups: For national teams. Also predominantly meant for oldskool players, there won't be any limits for newer players whatsoever. However, the maps and rules will be adjusted to oldskool style.

All cups will run long term, this means there will only be two matches per month to be played by each team. The dates within a month can be chosen freely. A team may even play both matches on a single day.
These guidelines are additionally flexible. For instance, teams that have a busy month followed by one with more time available can also skip the month they don't have time in and play 4 matches in the following month instead.


Similar to football the leagues will run alongside the cups. The amount of matches will be like in the cup (2 per month) with the same flexibility.
The main difference concerning the matches: There will be home and away matches, this means a league with 10 teams will result in 18 matches per team throughout the season.
All maps of home matches are played on a server chosen by the home team, while all matches of away matches are played on a server chosen by the away team. There will be limitations though, to prevent extreme situations concerning ping and packet loss.


These are a bit like QuickCups known from ClanBase, however not limited to cups. FastComps will be either leagues or cups with only a few teams that will run during a short period of 1-3 days.


One might think only two matches per month are way too few for a team. This might be actually true for certain clans, but for those there will be a diversified amount of competitions they can choose from.
Teams with very limited time can just join a single cup and will still be able to get it finished. Those who can't get enough of UTgaming on the other hand can play in multiple cups and leagues alongside and additionally to that join a few FastComps.
This way every team is served according to their abilities, which should lead to satisfaction for everyone.

So far, enjoy the challenge!

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Re: The concept of UTvolution competitions
Reply #1 on : Mon May 28, 2012, 21:23:00
Homework for today:
Write down 100 times "UTvolution cups are NOT like ClanBase cups!".

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Re: The concept of UTvolution competitions
Reply #2 on : Mon May 28, 2012, 22:36:35
well said mate, i for one , am looking forward to all of the above :) and thank you for the hard work - i know its pretty time consuming, but i think if people spent some time seeing the work that goes in - they wouldn't be so quick to complain.
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Re: The concept of UTvolution competitions
Reply #3 on : Tue May 29, 2012, 14:11:33
Thanks Khem. Because it is the very first cup on UTvolution, there was and is indeed a lot to do. It can be reused though, thus the future cups should be able to start much quicker and run smoother with the help of the work done now.

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